The Alumneum has 24 students from all faculties and all levels: from those who have just started their studies to those who are already pursuing a dissertation project.

There are always about the same number of students. Around half of the residents do not come from Switzerland. The custodians also live in the house.


In our house different and differently intensive forms of the care of the community are possible. Depending on the initiative of the individual, this results in

  • Study groups
  • Cooking groups
  • Panel discussions
  • Joint film evenings
  • Larger and smaller parties

The privacy of the individual alumni is protected. The single rooms and - at least in summer - the large garden offer a retreat for concentrated individual study.

The Alumneum is a hospitable house where friends, fellow students and relatives are welcome.

Individual joint courses take place during the course of a semester:

  • The house convent at the beginning of each semester is the only obligatory occasion: the opportunity to get to know the newcomers and to discuss the organisation of life in the house.
  • A big "Alumneum party" per semester, a joint excursion and Christmas dinner as highlights.
  • Once a week the custodian invites the alumni to dinner and  thus opens a space of encounter.
  • Every two years we invite you to the "BiennAlu" - a meeting of former alumni and friends of the house.

Two alumni (consensus members) elected by the house community at the beginning of each semester coordinate the common life in the house. They represent the student community vis-à-vis the home management.