How theological is the Alumneum?

alabaster window

Originally, the Alumneum used to admit exclusively students of theology. The library is still a testimony of those times. However, for more than fifty years, students of other faculties have been living at the Alumneum. Finally, the renovation in 1972 allowed the admission of female students.

There are still many ties linking the house to the Theological Faculty and to the Reformed Church. The house is led by a reformed pastor. Besides that, the percentage of students of theology is significantly higher at the Alumneum than at the University as such.

Is a religious confession required?

Theological questions are, thus, a topic of the discussions in the house. This does not imply, however, that all the Alumnen share the Christian faith or belong to a certain denomination. We are committed to diversity regarding the cultural origins, the religious convictions, the sexual orientation.

The students living at the Alumneum have been marked by different ideological experiences and beliefs. They have highly diverse interests, habits, preferences and abilities. These differences are not considered as a problem; we respect them and see them as an opportunity to learn from each other, to reflect critically on our beliefs and habits, to discover new things and to widen our horizon.

The Alumni see and understand God, the world, and themselves in various ways. If this is difficult for someone to accept, the Alumneum is for her, for him probably not a good place to live.