Terms of Admission

Applicants must be registered at the University of Basel during their stay in Basel or participate at an exchange programme of our University.

For statutory reasons, we may not admit students of other institutions (e.g. Music Academy, FHNW).

Couples, mothers with children, or families cannot be admitted, since there are only single rooms.

The foundation welcomes students for an entire term (one semester), at least. Shorter stays - e.g. for a internship - are not possible.

Formally, the "Alumnen" are tenants of a room. The rental agreements follow the usual Swiss standards. There are - as it is typical for Switzerland - detailed house rules. (The German version has not been translated, but will be explained to those who do not understand sufficiently this language).
The rental agreements are limited in time; extensions up to 10 semesters are feasable. See "House & Rooms" for costs and conditions.  

Date of Application and Admission

If you are interested in renting a room, please send in the application form.

Towards the end of each term, we know how many rooms are available.

On behalf of the foundation, the direction decides on the admissions in early May for the autumn term, and in early December for the spring term.

Note: No more rooms available for the upcoming term fall 2017!



Selection Criteria

There are always more applications than free rooms. For the necessary selection the date of the application is not decisive. We rather consider

  • the number of available rooms
  • the balance between female and male students
  • the mix of fields of study and nationalities
  • the convincing power of an application
the students' doorbell


There is a lack of accomodations!

Experience shows that there is a lack of convenient student accomodations in Basel. We recommend to send your application to various institutions. (See the University's information on "housing / accomodation".)